hi, i'm bloom.

my life consists of computers, art and everything in between. i've been into computers for as long as i can remember; late nights spent as a kid drawing in ms paint and animating frame by frame in powerpoint or windows movie maker. i'd grab my sister to show her the 5 second clip i worked 2 hours for, something i akin to working in 3d these days...

i've worked with adobe creative suite since middle school so photoshop, illustrator, after effects and more are native to me. in high school i started working with web design, integrating my graphic design skills to make fun and unique y2k websites. i've been working with blender and unity for 3+ years now, and have a strong interest in tablet 3d sculpting with apps like nomad or forge. i've worked with python, C#, C++ and  more over the years for random projects and alongside friends. most of my time these days is spent working gigs for clients i've done freelance work for over the years. i've assembled a small but strong network of what i like to call the extension of my abilities; meaning i have a close friend in every field incase i ever get tasked with a job that's too large/advanced for myself to handle.

est. 2017